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My name is Alejandro Rodriguez, and I am a Licensed Mental Health Counselor (LMHC). I graduated from my Master’s program in Psychology from Naropa University in 2012.

My focus in school was an approach called Contemplative Psychotherapy. This form of therapy encourages both the client and therapist to become mindful of their internal environment (thoughts/feelings) and what is happening in the present moment. Doing this helps give insight into what is playing out within the therapeutic session. When you have the ability to step back and note what you are thinking/feeling in the moment, you can start to understand the patterns that play out in your life on a daily basis. Also, by doing this, you are taking the steps necessary to build up a capacity to feel your feelings as well as to accept yourself as you are. This approach allows you to build a compassionate relationship with yourself that is built out of curiosity and kindness.

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My Therapy Practice

A large part of my training comes from the importance put on having a mindfulness or meditation practice. I began my meditation practice 20 years ago and have seen enormous benefits from having a practice that allows me to slow down and take note of the nature of mind. Throughout this time, I have learned that emotions, no matter how strong or scary, are all temporary, which means that even in our deepest and darkest times, we can know that at some point, things will shift, and our emotions will change. It is because of these teachings that I can sit with my clients in whatever emotion may be coming up for them, without feeling the need to change it. I am not one of those therapists that will become scared to go to the dark places with you, should they come up. I would aim to walk with you through the darkness, side by side, with the knowledge that at some point, we will come out on the other side.
But facing and walking through these painful places can be a difficult task. If it were easy, services like mine would not be needed. My goal is to show up with you on this journey of self-discovery and together we can look at your concerns with both curiosity and kindness.

I want to highlight the fact that, although painful at times, the journey can be a positive one and dare I say, joyful? Throughout the process you’re not only learning more about who you are, but also beginning to build and/or strengthening the practice of self-love and acceptance.

I whole-heartedly believe that all my clients hold wisdom and beauty within them. Think of the un-cut, un-polished gemstone that looks merely like another rock. It is the time, attention, and care put towards the rock that causes it to look like the finished product we see at the store. Similarly, my work is to shine a light on what I see, so that you may start to see your own brilliance that was always right there.

My Counseling Services

I have worked in the fields of Hospice, Couple’s Counseling, Domestic Violence, LGBTQ, HIV/AIDS, At-Risk Youth, Addiction, and with children and their families. I have a passion for working with those dealing with issues of Loss (both Death-loss and Non-death loss), as well as those struggling with communication in their relationship. I work with both individuals as well as with couples. I typically work with clients on a weekly basis, but will see clients less frequently if appropriate. If you would like to learn more, I would love to have a discussion where I can answer any questions you may have.
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