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The last several years have been exceptionally tough.  Many are living with the pain of loss. You may have had a loved one die. You may be dealing with the loss of a job, loss of a house/living space, or a loss of the life you once knew. Whatever the loss, your grief surrounding these losses can be showing up in big ways and small from feelings of sorrow, blame, malaise, depression, regret, to even anger. The emotions associated with grief and loss can be unexpected and deeply confusing. This is where counseling can help you to navigate the emotions you’re feeling as they arise.

Our Bodies Response To Loss

If you find yourself being forgetful, unable to concentrate, or unable to sleep, know that you are not alone. These are all some of the common ways our bodies physically cope with grief or loss. Grief and loss can cause feelings of sadness, anxiety, shame, or anger. You and I can explore the emotions you’re experiencing in order to make sense of what the loss means for you, as well as to look into how to move forward.

Coping With The Death Of A Loved One

The grief felt after the death of a loved one can show up in a multitude of ways. Some may experience them as big and overwhelming, while others’ experience may be much more subtle. Many of us have been fed a story that grief “should” look a certain way and when our reactions do not look how we’ve been told they should, it can be hard to open up to others about our grief. If you find yourself isolating from friends and family or not feeling understood in your grief, perhaps it’s time to find someone who will not shame your experience or who will not ask you to change your feelings. Opening up to your emotions surrounding your grief is an integral part of the healing process. I would be honored to walk with you through this process.

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Whether it’s dealing with the death of a loved one, contemplating the finality of our own lives, or experiencing the loss of something cherished, all of us will have to navigate through the landscape of grief. But what do you do when that moment comes and you feel completely unprepared? Do not feel ashamed in asking for support. Many of us were never taught about how to sit with/address our pain.

Contact Luminous Mind Counseling at 321-578-7378 to schedule a free consultation.